Appointment of HR Manager


We are pleased to inform that Jens Lind has been promoted to the position as HR Manager, set to head the Personnel Department within the Company. 

Jens joined the Company in end of November 2017 and has ever since worked with crewing related matters in various forms. Over the last year, the work with personnel has intensified and from this spring Jens has taken on more and more responsibilities in this function.

Operating as a small shore organisation, one must understand the importance of working over multiple departments. Jens has shown a great understanding in this respect and has really adopted the company's culture in a very good way. We see Jens as a perfect fit to develop the Personnel Department with key focus on enhancing the overall performance on recruitment, management, as well as wellbeing of our personnel.

Although set to shift focus, Jens will still support the HSSEQ Department with some functions.

Together with Erica in Manila, and with support from the Management Team, we are confident that all of us are to benefit from this appointment. We warmly welcome Jens into his new position, seated from today, 1 September 2023.